LG SN6Y vs Samsung S60B review

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LG SN6Y vs Samsung S60B comparison chart

LG SN6Y vs Samsung S60B review

Samsung S60B

l would like to share my experience after comparing and testing two soundbars – LG SN6Y vs Samsung S60B. The LG SN6Y was rated 6.2, while the Samsung S60B has a rating 8.4.

Audio features

Each of the models under consideration has active amplification type. A noticeable difference is the number of channels that SN6Y has 3.1 and S60B has 5.0. These rivals can be compared in terms of power, 420 (overall) versus 200 (overall) according to devices. The built-in subwoofer is not implemented in any of these models. An external subwoofer can be connected to any of the units in this comparison. Rate 7 out of 10 received the LG SN6Y for audio features and specs, but the Samsung S60B received 6 out of 10.

Streaming services

The S60B can play audio from Spotify.


Wireless Internet connection is realized only in the S60B. Soundbars from this comparison have Bluetooth support. 1/1 HDMI inputs/outputs are in each of soundbars. As in the SN6Y, so in the S60B there is the HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC). Connecting devices via USB is possible in both models. We rated the connectivity of the SN6Y at 8 out of 10, while the S60B was rated 7/10. Each of the soundbars can be controlled using the application. The soundbars in this review are equipped with a microphone. The models under consideration cannot become part of a multiroom system.

Multichannel surround

Dolby Atmos audio decoder is onboard the S60B. The S60B can work with surround sound due to DTS:X support. The SN6Y was rated 5/10, while the S60B received a mark of 10/10 for multichannel surround.

Advantages LG SN6Y over Samsung S60B

  • Separate subwoofer in package

Advantages Samsung S60B over LG SN6Y

  • Amazon Music compatible
  • Spotify support
  • WI-FI enabled
  • Compatible with Dolby Atmos
  • Compatible with DTS:X
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